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	        On Target Results Inc is owned and operated by Paul Hinkle.  Paul Hinkle started his consulting and coaching business in 1985.  His first consulting project produced a 40 percent increase in gross sales and profitability in just 90 days.  Paul's second major project was a two-year on-site project that took a company divisionís annual sales from 1.6 million to 20 million two short years.  Paul associated with a world's leading training and coaching organization in the late 1980s.  Paul was ranked No. 1 in sales for the United States of America for that company three times.  As national sales leader, Paul was recognized and acknowledged as a business coach and trainer by his international peers.  The third time Paul led the nation, his first-quarter sales were enough to win the United States sales leader award.  In the course of expanding his ability to work with the strongest winners, Paul began seeking out and working with decca-millionaires (10 million net worth or more).  As the number of decca-millionaire clients increased, Paul took his own advice and set a bigger goal, to work personally with a billionaire, a goal achieved by 1995.  Paul has since coached, trained, and spoken to literally thousands of managers and salespeople in varied industries.  Paul has addressed audiences from California to New York City and northern Minnesota to south Texas as well as parts in between.

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